FM Aerials

Although a TV aerial could offer you a decent reception for your radio, it is advisable to invest in a good quality FM aerial if you expect the best quality of sound while listening to your radio. If you are unsure what FM aerial to choose, which type,size or shape you require, we are here to help!

We offer FM aerial installations to overcome the issues posed by a poor reception area.
Achieve great quality FM .
Help you identify the problems you might have and offer advice to improve your FM Radio transmission!

DAB Aerials

The DAB or digital audio broadcasting system is the latest radio technology.

With DAB you get:

  • Increased number of channels in a given spectrum .
  • Bigger coverage.
  • Digital quality sound.
  • No more fading problems in mobile environments.
  • More than 51 digital stations now available.

Although DAB stations can be received by FM or TV aerials, the ideal solution that will provide you with the best digital audio quality possible is via a DAB aerial.

Whichever you decide, Aerial Wizard can help!!